Prelude to the Easter Rising of 1916

Prelude to the Easter Rising of 1916
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Third Dáil

This is a list of members who were elected to the 3rd Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas (legislature) of the soon to be created Irish Free State. These Teachtaí Dála (Members of Parliament) were elected at the 1922 general election and served until August 1923. The 3rd Dáil lasted 437 days.

The list of the 128 TDs elected, is given in alphabetical order by constituency.

Members of the 3rd Dáil
Constituency Name Party
W. T. Cosgrave Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Patrick Gaffney Farmers' Party
Denis Gorey Farmers' Party
Gearóid O'Sullivan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Walter L. Cole Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Arthur Griffith Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Seán Milroy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Patrick Brennan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Éamon de Valera Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Sean Liddy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Brian O'Higgins Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Cork Borough
Robert Day Labour Party
Liam de Róiste Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Mary MacSwiney Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
James J. Walsh Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Cork East and North East
John Dinneen Farmers' Party
Michael Hennessy Independent
David Kent Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Cork Mid, North, South,South-East and West
Michael Bradley Labour Party
Michael Collins Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Daniel Corkery Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Sean Hales Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Sean Hayes Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Seán Moylan Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Thomas Nagle Labour Party
Daniel Vaughan Farmers' Party
Joseph McGinley Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Patrick McGoldrick Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Joseph O'Doherty Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Samuel O'Flaherty Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Joseph Sweeney Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Peter Ward Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Dublin County
Michael Derham Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
George Gavan Duffy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Darrell Figgis Independent
Desmond FitzGerald Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Thomas Johnson Labour Party
John Rooney Farmers' Party
Dublin Mid
Alfred Byrne Independent
Seán McGarry Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Seán T. O'Kelly Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Laurence O'Neill Independent
Dublin North West

Philip Cosgrave Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Joseph McGrath Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Richard Mulcahy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Michael Staines Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Dublin South
Thomas Kelly Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Myles Keogh Independent
Daniel McCarthy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
William X. O'Brien Labour Party
Dublin University
Ernest Alton Independent
James Craig Independent
Gerald Fitzgibbon Independent
William Thrift Independent
Bryan Cusack Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Frank Fahy Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Patrick Hogan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
George Nicolls Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Pádraic Ó Máille Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Thomas J. O'Connell Labour Party
Joseph Whelehan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Kerry–Limerick West
Piaras Béaslaí Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Patrick Cahill Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Con Collins Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
James Crowley Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Fionán Lynch Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Thomas O'Donoghue Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Edmund Roche Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Austin Stack Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Robert Barton Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Christopher Byrne Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Hugh Colohan Labour Party
James Everett Labour Party
Richard Wilson Farmers' Party
Leitrim–Roscommon North
Thomas Carter Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
James Dolan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Andrew Lavin Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Count Plunkett Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Francis Bulfin Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
William Davin Labour Party
Patrick McCartan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Kevin O'Higgins Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Limerick City–Limerick East
Michael Colivet Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Richard Hayes Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
William Hayes Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Kathleen O'Callaghan Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Laurence Ginnell Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
John Lyons Labour Party
Seán Mac Eoin Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Francis McGuinness Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Eamonn Duggan Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Peter Hughes Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
James Murphy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
John J. O'Kelly Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Cathal O'Shannon Labour Party
Mayo North and West
John Crowley Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Thomas Derrig Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Joseph MacBride Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
P. J. Ruttledge Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Mayo South–Roscommon South
Harry Boland Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Tom Maguire Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Daniel O'Rourke Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
William Sears Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Ernest Blythe Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Patrick McCarvill Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Eoin O'Duffy Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
National University of Ireland
Michael Hayes Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Eoin MacNeill Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
William Magennis Independent
William Stockley Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Sligo–Mayo East
Frank Carty Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
James Devins Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Francis Ferran Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Alexander McCabe Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Thomas O'Donnell Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Tipperary Mid, North and South
Séamus Burke Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Joseph MacDonagh Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
P. J. Moloney Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Daniel Morrissey Labour Party
Waterford–Tipperary East
Cathal Brugha Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
John Butler Labour Party
Daniel Byrne Farmers' Party
Nicholas Phelan Labour Party
Vincent White Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)
Richard Corish Labour Party
Michael Doyle Farmers' Party
Séamus Doyle Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)
Daniel O'Callaghan Labour Party

Again, I will go through the list above and post new members to the Third Dáil. I will not repeat any already posted.

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